Lunar Pack Discount: Six Mounts for Sale

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Blizzard has bundled its dazzling array of six celestial mounts into a Lunar Pack discount.

Lunar Pack Discount: Six Mounts for Sale

Available for purchase starting at $49.99, this limited-time offer beckons players to soar through the sky of Azeroth on the back of six sacred mounts:

Each of these mounts carries its own symbolic significance, whether for good fortune, courage, joy, or more.

Lunar Pack Discount: Six Mounts for Sale

The price of the Lunar Pack will vary depending on the number of celestial mounts already in your possession. The more mounts you have out of the six available, the lower the price to purchase these Lunar New Year-themed mounts. However, time is of the essence, as the Lunar Pack is only available until February 19, 2024. Don’t let this opportunity slip away if you’re aiming to round out your collection!

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