Is WoW Sacrificing Its Core Concept with Cross-Faction Guilds?

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Cross-faction guilds are arriving at Dragonflight in Patch 10.1. This feature was and still is in popular demand. However, it has been sparking debates about whether this move is going to sacrifice WoW’s core concept. Yet, Blizzard insists that the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde remains intact.

PCGames was able to land an interview with the developers of the famous MMORPG. Pat Dawson and Maria Hamilton were there to shed light on any concerns the community may have. They confirmed and emphasized that there wouldn’t be any change regarding the rivalry between the two main factions. Players still won’t be able to trespass upon the land of the opposite side without receiving consequences.

The implementation of cross-faction is purely intended to allow gamers to enjoy the game with their friends. It lets the fan base come together in a larger community. The feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who have dedicated their time and effort to their character. But now, they want to share their gaming passion with a friend who is not on the same side of the battlefield.

Cross-faction play is optional, and the champions of Azeroth may stick to their own faction if they prefer. They don’t need to invite Horde champions into their Alliance guilds and vice versa. In addition, they still have the chance to fight for their beloved faction. All the while enjoying the traditional conflict to their heart content by participating in battlegrounds and PvP.

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