Holly Longdale on Patch 10.2.6: Lesson Learned

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What does Holly Longdale say about Patch 10.2.6 and its lengthy waiting time?

Holly Longdale on Patch 10.2.6: Lesson Learned

Back in December last year, Blizzard teased fans with Patch 10.2.6 when they released the WoW roadmap 2024 for both Retail and Classic. Then, in February, Holly Longdale posted “A Word on World of Warcraft,” disclosing that Patch 10.2.6 will arrive in March 2024, however, without a PTR. Details about this mysterious Patch have been scarce. And fans have nothing to go by but a Jolly Roger and the hope for an event exciting enough to be worth the wait.

Even with Blizzard’s latest This Week in WoW, the situation remains unchanged. Despite various news and events, there’s still no mention of Patch 10.2.6 or Dragonflight Season 4. Many players are disappointed. After all, March has already begun for days. And yet, new information has yet to surface. Taliesin & Evitel also reacted to this news in their recent post on X. And in the comment section, Holly Longdale responded:


Taliesin & Evitel also made it clear that they were just joking around. However, not all members of the WoW community think the same. Fans understand that keeping Patch 10.2.6 a secret is to preserve a potentially pleasant surprise. However, the lengthy wait has turned anticipation into frustration for many players. Despite some gamers still maintaining a positive outlook and embracing the mystery, the hype is evidently dwindling.

Perhaps a release date would be a great way to rekindle community enthusiasm. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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