Gift Time Rift Mounts to the Opposite Faction While You Can

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Time Rift Gifts

As you may know, Time Rift (TM) has introduced a multitude of fresh mounts to acquire. Both the Alliance and the Horde received an exclusive. Specifically, we’re talking about the Reins of the Ravenous Black Gryphon and Horn of the White War Wolf

Players spent a long time searching for ways to obtain them while being in the opposite faction since they can only be acquired by closing Time Rifts or buying from vendors. Unfortunately, obtaining one did not provide access to the other. However, a solution fittingly aligns with the Time Rift theme was found.

The essence is that in TM, we visit alternative timelines where many events happened quite differently, making them starkly distinct from our timeline. In The Warlands, both factions never established a truce, leading to endless war and chaos in Azeroth. Those two mounts are directly linked to that timeline, and earning them will allow players to make a minor discovery for themselves.

As it turned out, you might receive the Gift of the White War Wolf or the Gift of the Ravenous Black Gryphon, which can be handed over to the Horde or Alliance by choosing any member of those factions. If they don’t already have it, the gift will go directly into their hands, allowing them to appreciate an unusual gift from someone once considered an enemy. This fact sets us apart from The Warlands, as we managed to befriend each other and even become allies within the same guild.

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