Dragonflight Trading Post February Items: Marching into the Missing

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The Trading Post has stocked up on an extensive March collection. Yet, this springtime restocking frenzy has not brought cheer to collectors and enthusiasts alone. Reports are surfacing that players are experiencing missing items, which they had spent an awful lot of time farming back in February.


Both cosmetics and mounts are reportedly gone. Some players have found themselves donning “The Emperor’s New Clothes” after their beloved transmog sets vanished into thin air.

Even the highly coveted Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn, suffers the same fate. It was the reward for those who completed filling the bar in the Traveler’s Log last month. But now, it has become invisible. The situation is even at a lower level than worst. Its model in the mount collection is constantly shifting, taking the form of what you viewed last in that window.


Missing items are not the only thing bothering WoW players right now. With the March merch available, the Freeze feature is no longer functioning.

Freezing an item allows you to carry it from one month to another. For example, if you decide to Freeze Celestial Steed in February, it will remain available to you in March. At the same time, the rest of the stock will be replaced with the latest ones. This lets you get enough Trader’s Tender to purchase what your heart desires. Or compare your Frozen one with the new stock.

Numerous reports have emerged of Frozen items disappearing overnight. It caused significant frustration among those who had carefully planned their Trading Post inventory for the new month.

The current situation is certainly frustrating. Especially when there has yet to be any official information or temporary solution. Let’s hope that Blizzard will soon address and resolve the issue. In the meantime, you can make the best out of it by enjoying riding your invisible mount.

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