Dragonflight: The Winding Slitherdrake Available This Week

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Dragonflight: The Winding Slitherdrake Available This Week

The moment has arrived for you to embark on an exciting adventure in Dragonflight this week! Embers of Neltharion Campaign’s next two chapters are set to unveil in the mystical Zaralek Cavern. And thus, it means that the highly anticipated new dragonriding mount: the Winding Slitherdrake, will also be available. 

How to Get the Winding Slitherdrake  

Delving into the Inherited Sin chapter, you’ll be presented with the chance to complete a quest known as “Worst of the Worst.” It’s the key to unlocking the Winding Slitherdrake. Conquering this mission will also grant you the achievement of A Serpentine Discovery. 

Customization Options 

The Winding Slitherdrake boasts an array of customization options. From vibrant red and cooling green to serene blue and timeless bronze, you are in full control to personalize your unique ride. You can purchase these shades of scale from Renown Vendors. Make sure you have reached their required level of Reputation and seize your ride of heart’s desire.

Dragonflight: The Winding Slitherdrake Customization Options

Other than that, Blizzard has also introduced a white-scaled option for dragonriding mounts. The exact method of obtaining it remains shrouded in mystery. But you can find solace in that the latest patch introduces manuscript item entries. They are sure to provide more clues for getting more customizations for your reins. 

What’s more interesting is, the developers have even added a laugh emote for said drake and it looks amazing.

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