Dragonflight: Snuffing the Niffen’s Sniffing with this Item

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Dragonflight: Snuffing the Niffen's Sniffing with this Item

Feeling tired and agitated because of the Niffen’s constant sniffing? Worry no more. As Blizzard has included an item in Dragonflight to help you snuff out the noise for good.

It’s impossible to deny that these giant moles are incredibly adorable. Nevertheless, their poor vision demands that their sense of smell puts in overtime. Thus, their incessant sniffing may produce an irritating and unpleasant sound that many gamers may find bothersome. Luckily, the developers were considerate enough to include the New Niffen No-Sniffin’ Tonic. With a duration of seven days, players can revel in a reprieve from the vexing sounds for an entire week.

The tonic is a powerful boon for gamers who are afflicted with misophonia, a condition where particular sounds evoke intense adverse reactions. Even everyday noises can trigger a fight-or-flight response. Thus, it proves a significant problem for those affected.

It grants them the ability to interact with the Niffen without any discomfort. And it’ll prove especially advantageous in the case of having to engage with the Niffen for an extensive time to get cosmetic and progression rewards. And, of course, finishing the campaign in Patch 10.1.

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