Dragonflight Season 3 New Crafting Material: Spark of Dreams 

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Dragonflight Season 3 New Crafting Material: Spark of Dreams

Dragonflight Season 3 heralds an exciting wave of fresh content and updates. According to the dataminers at Wowhead, one notable addition in Patch 10.2 is the introduction of a crafting material known as the Spark of Dreams. The latest component plays a pivotal role in upgrading items to higher power levels. 

Forging a Spark of Dreams demands the fusion of two Splintered Spark of Dreams. To complete the process, players need to part with 250 Flightstones from their stash. Don’t get spooked by the number, however. Gathering them should be a breeze. The upcoming Emerald Dream Superblooms and other World Events arriving with Patch 10.2 promise an abundant supply. So, the heroes of Azeroth will have as much as they need to power up their gear.

The Splintered Spark of Dreams will likely come every two weeks, just like in Season 2. Players will get their first ones from Dreams Unified. Then, they can earn more weekly by completing the A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens quest. The system is the same as what gamers have experienced in the previous season, so there shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. 

Before diving into Patch 10.2, it’s important to note that certain items will be removed with the arrival of Season 3. So, you should definitely check out this comprehensive list of what you should do and get before the next patch drops to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

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