Dragonflight: Possible Sixth Dragonriding Mount

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Dragonflight: Possible Sixth Dragonriding Mount

In a surprising update to Patch 10.1 PTR, Blizzard has unveiled an exciting addition to the world of Azeroth — a sixth Dragonriding mount. The brand-new ride is known as the Grotto Netherwing Drake. However, this is not the first time said ride appeared in World of Warcraft.

According to recent findings by MrGM, the tooltip indicates that the ride may potentially be accessible through the Trading Post. Its price tag falls in 999 Trader’s Tender. However, it’s important to note that these details are likely temporary and subject to change. 

Numerous speculations circulate among enthusiasts. They suggest a stronger connection between the ride and the imminent 10.2 campaign instead of the mount being bound to the Trading Post. 

For those unfamiliar with the Netherwing drakes, they are a collection of account-wide mounts. To claim these majestic creatures, you must embark on a reputation journey with the Netherwing faction. They are found during The Burning Crusade expansion. Most require reaching Exalted status, while four are arena-rating rewards.

The Netherwing is a unique faction of dragons in Outland. Born from the very eggs of Deathwing’s black dragonflight, these beings pulsate with nether energies. Driven by a desire to forge their own path, they yearn to transcend the looming shadows of their destructive lineage. Thus, seeking to carve out an identity that is uniquely their own. 

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