Player Got KSM Without Completing Ruby Life Pools

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A player has accomplished a remarkable feat in Dragonflight. They achieved Keystone Master without ever completing the Ruby Life Pools.

It’s not a rare sight in WoW to see the champions of Azeroth conquering the game in unconventional ways. From forming tank-only parties to playing specless or reaching level 70 by unorthodox means, they have never failed to surprise. This time, we are in for an awe-inspiring achievement courtesy of ProjectN0va. Fueled by their aversion toward the Ruby Life Pool, they have acquired their Season 1 Keystone Master without ever stepping foot in it.

While some see ProjectN0va’s accomplishment as impressive, others view it as a commentary on the dungeon’s poor design. It highlights the aching issues with Ruby Life Pools. The community noted it during Dragonflight’s beta. But the problem has plagued live servers ever since its release, making it the least-liked in Dragonflight, especially for healers. Ruby Life Pools has been the subject of criticism from players for a long time. To the point that despite undergoing many nerfs, it still remains unpopular.

On the bright side, Blizzard has listened to what the community has to say and decided to remove it from the roster in Season 2. They may rework it entirely and reintroduce it in Season 3.

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