Dragonflight: New Secret Battle Pet Phoenix Wishwing Discovered

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The WoW Secret Finding Discord community has done it again! They have discovered a new battle pet called Phoenix Wishwing, which is causing quite a buzz among players. In this article, we will detail how to get it and provide some useful tips for using it in the game.

To obtain this particular companion, you need to complete the Tale of the Phoenix quest from Tarjin the Blind. The NPC resides in The Waking Shores and requires:

You can farm for them in any order, and once you have them all, turn in the quest and receive the little birdie as a reward.

Unfortunately, there is currently a bug where Phoenix Wishwing won’t appear in your journal. But don’t worry, you’re still able to use it in the game by using the two following scripts:

  • To summon:

/run local p=C_PetJournal p.PickupPet(select(2,p.FindPetIDByName(p.GetPetInfoBySpeciesID(3292))))

  • To cage for selling or trading:

/run local p=C_PetJournal p.CagePetByID(select(2,p.FindPetIDByName(p.GetPetInfoBySpeciesID(3292))))

Obtaining this fiery bird requires effort and lots of grinding, but it’s worth it for its unique abilities and overall coolness factor.

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