WoW Dragonflight: Fyrakk Is Too Hot to Handle. Literally

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The WoW developers have included some fascinating interactions between Dragonflight players and Fyrakk. Apparently, he’s too hot to handle. /rude to him? You will be roasted. How about /kiss? Read on to find out how he will respond to your affection. Beware, however, as a minor spoiler is ahead.

In Embers of Neltharion, more specifically, the third chapter, you will have the chance to encounter Fyrakk the Blazing. Brace yourself for scorching-hot interactions with said proto-drake. Lounging in his cozy molten lava bath in Aberrus, he’s definitely an attractive target for curious players. Now, some daredevils have tried to provoke Raszageth’s sibling by sending /rude his way, only to be Roasted to the core. But MrGM has discovered trying to cozy up to the dragon with a /kiss is no better idea. Those who attempted to show the Primal Incarnate some affection quickly regretted it as they were hit with the Too Hot to Handle debuff. Thus, receiving 1 Fire damage every second.

So, feel free to squeeze out reactions from the drake. But make sure you’re able to face the heat instead of chickening out and missing the chance to test your mettle against this blazing beast.

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