Dragonflight: Behind the Niffen’s Voice

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Dragonflight: Behind the Niffen's Voice

Previously, we had the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with the Niffen’s sweet little prototype. And today, it’s time for Senior Sound Designer Michael Hill to lead us through the intricate art of sound design.

Dee Bradley Baker’s exceptional voice acting skills are truly remarkable. He effortlessly portrays both the Niffen’s ferocious battle cries and their curious, inquisitive sniffs with raw authenticity.

An interesting fact, he’s also the voice behind Hammond, the hamster in Overwatch, and Perry the Platypus in the popular series Phineas and Ferb. And for fans of Destiny 2, he is Variks the Loyal.

Patch 10.1 is set to be released on May 2. So you can expect to encounter the Niffen way more often in the depths of Zaralek Caverns.

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