Brian Holinka Leaves Blizzard to Join Hands with Greg Street

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Brian Holinka Leaves Blizzard to Join Hands with Greg Street

Brian Holinka, the talented Lead Combat Designer at Blizzard Entertainment, has revealed his decision to leave the company. Together with Greg Street, they set out to establish their own venture.

After an impressive 11-year tenure, Holinka is ready to begin a new journey. What’s even more exciting is that he will be teaming up with Greg Street. He once held the position of WoW Lead Systems Designer and Executive Producer at Riot Games. Brimming with shared ambition, the two set out to establish their own independent game development studio.

Holinka’s journey began in the world of first-person shooters. He quickly made a name for himself in the industry. Holinka left his mark with various studios. Namely DICE, THQ, High Moon Studios, Kaos Studios, and Trauma Studios. In 2012, he joined Blizzard Entertainment as the Lead PvP Designer for World of Warcraft. Then, for a while, he shifted to an unannounced company project, working as a Senior Designer. It wasn’t until 2018 that he returned to WoW, assuming the role of Lead Combat Designer. The exciting talent tree in Dragonflight that you are using every day? That’s just one of Holinka’s notable contributions.

During his time at Blizzard, Holinka emerged as a key figure among World of Warcraft players. He’s renowned for his outspokenness and occasionally controversial viewpoints. Soon, he became synonymous with PvP balance and design. As a crucial team leader, his influence on the game’s development over the past decade cannot be overstated. 

The news of Holinka’s departure from Blizzard has left a void in the hearts of World of Warcraft enthusiasts. Furthermore, it also raises concerns about the future of their beloved game. However, it has also sparked a flicker of excitement as fans are excited to see the fruit of his collaboration with Greg Street.

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