Blizzard Delays the “Sell All Junk” Button to Patch 10.1.7

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Blizzard Delays 'Sell All Junk' Button to Patch 10.1.7

As reported back in June, Blizzard had exciting plans to introduce a convenient “Sell All Junk” button to vendors in the upcoming Patch 10.1.5. However, an unexpected delay has occurred due to some last-minute issues. Thus, leading to a slight change in its release schedule. As a result, players can now expect this exciting feature to arrive in Patch 10.1.7 instead.

The company acknowledges the disappointment this delay may bring to eager players. But the decision was made in order to address the unforeseen complications that arose during the final stages of development. 

Players can still look forward to the inclusion of said handy button in the future. Until then, the addons that help the community automatically sell each and every grey item are still working just fine.

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