Blizzard Canceled Price Update in Ukraine

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Blizzard Canceled Price Update in Ukraine

Blizzard has decided to cancel their recent plans to increase prices for WoW services in Ukraine.

Back on June 5, the firm communicated a cost increase for Ukrainian and Turkish WoW services. However, the company soon gave its decision a second thought. Thus, decided not to proceed with the fee change for players in Ukraine. This comes after careful consideration and aims to address the concerns raised by the community. The US firm sincerely apologizes to its Ukrainian fan base. It now eagerly awaits gamers’ continued participation in Azeroth.

Blizzard Canceled Price Update in Ukraine

Ukrainian adventurers can now breathe a sigh of relief. Yet, the situation remains the same for Turkey. Aside from what’s known, further details have yet to be provided. So, it’s unknown if they will also get a decision cancellation like Ukraine did. We at WowVendor will keep a close eye on this and share updates with you as more developments arise.

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