Watch Asmongold Battles WoW Bosses in Elden Ring

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Wondering what Asmongold would look like outside of his natural habitat? With no headphones, no micro, no screen, and no chat to protect him? Well, why not toss him into the wilds of Elden Ring and see how he copes? But why stop there when we can add in some of those infamous WoW bosses to really ramp up the challenge? If you have ever thought of such things, then congratulations, your wish has been realized by the Garden of Eyes and their upcoming mod


Asmongold Battles WoW Bosses in Elden Ring: Lich King

Garden of Eyes is a group of fans working on an ambitious overhaul project for the crowned game of 2022. They are also the creators behind popular mods that bring Harry Potter to the Lands Between. As for this time project, they have implemented four iconic WoW raid bosses, flying mounts, and an Asmongold skin in the game.


Asmongold Battles WoW Bosses in Elden Ring: Illidan

Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge as you come face-to-face with some of the most notorious WoW bosses of all time. From Lich King to Illidan, Ragnaros to Argus the Unmaker, they’re all waiting for you with unique models and voice lines. And hold on tight, because they are also ingeniously infused with the challenging mechanics from different encounters in Elden Ring. Remarkably, the developers have managed to maintain the core essence of each boss. Thus, it truly feels like this is a more realistic version of WoW that will no doubt leave you on the edge of your seat. 

And for those who love a bit of fun, you will definitely love the Asmongold skin crafted by Japerhood. It’s a hilarious twist on the classic Alliance champion and makes for an entertaining gaming experience. However, if you take a closer look, you will see that the developers have put a lot of thought into catering to little details. For example, the crimson blood splatters on his cloak and armor as he engages in combat.

And if you’re not a fan of walking on land, no worries. The creators have also thought about it. Therefore, flying mounts are also at your service. You will have the chance to admire the magnificent view of the Lands Between on the back of your trusted griffon.

The Elden Ring mod is currently in early access. As of now, it’s only available to their Patreon subscribers. So if you want to try it out now, consider subbing to their Patreon. However, the developers also made it clear that once they are done adding all the features they want, it will be available for free.


Asmongold Battles WoW Bosses in Elden Ring: Ragnaros

The intricate details and attention that the developers have put into the mod are truly awe-inspiring. It’s no wonder that the video has become the talk of the town for both WoW and Elden Ring communities alike. In a span of just two weeks, the video has amassed an impressive 18,000 views and more than a thousand likes.

And if you’re curious about how Asmongold reacted to this delightful piece of news, don’t hesitate to check out the video below.

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