Amazon Prime Gaming: WoW Monthly Rewards Giveaways

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In an exciting announcement, Amazon Prime Gaming will offer World of Warcraft (WoW) players monthly rewards.

Being a part of the new Big Battle Bear promotion, this exciting piece of information has caused quite a stir in the community. The whole franchise is eagerly anticipating what these freebies will entail. On Twitter, Amazon Prime posted that the Big Battle Bear promotion is just the first in a series of many. And they plan to have these events run for an entire year.

Each month, a new item is slated to take part in the occasion, ensuring gamers with a regular stream of fascinating rewards to look forward to. The exact details of the upcoming giveaways have yet to be revealed. However, players can expect a range of cosmetics from the old Trading Card Game.

It’s curious, though. As the annual promotion and future items are not mentioned in the official announcement note. There has yet to be anything on their website, either. Thus, the situation only further ignites speculation among fans as to what other surprises may await them ahead.

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