10.2.5: You Can Finally Get Lord Godfrey’s Old Spectacles!

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World of Warcraft lovers are celebrating the long-awaited discovery of Lord Godfrey’s Old Spectacles in patch 10.2.5.

10.2.5: You Can Finally Get Lord Godfrey's Old Spectacles!

For over a decade since its first appearance in Cataclysm, there was no way to acquire these spectacles. But those days are long gone! The breakthrough came in Patch 10.2.5 when determined anglers in Azeroth successfully unraveled the mystery behind obtaining these spectacles.

The identity of the individual who first discovered these glasses remains unknown. As recounted by Redditor RLToughGuy, the revelation surfaced in the General Chat, sparking a substantial debate about its authenticity. Skepticism lingered as players deliberated whether it was a mere trolling attempt. However, in the end, it was confirmed to be undeniably true:


How to Get Lord Godfrey’s Old Spectacles!

If “How to get Lord Godfrey’s Old Spectacles” is your question, then you should spend time fishing in the waters of Gilneas. According to many WoW players, you don’t need to finish the Reclamation of Gilneas questline. Reports indicate that the number of casts required can differ significantly, ranging from fewer than ten to well over hundreds. Success in obtaining the spectacles seems unrelated to one’s fishing skill level but rather a matter of sheer luck. After all, even players with a fishing skill level of 0 have managed to obtain Lord Godfrey’s Old Spectacles.

Have you got yourself a pair of Lord Godfrey’s Old Spectacles yet? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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