WoW Teases SoD Cozy Sleeping Bag: Rest and Earn Bonus Exp

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Resting in the Cozy Sleeping Bag can earn you bonus Exp in Season of Discovery.

WoW Teases Cozy Sleeping Bag in SoD: Rest and Earn Bonus Exp

World of Warcraft has recently teased players with a sneak peek at a new item: the Cozy Sleeping Bag. Although details on obtaining this item remain scarce, it’s confirmed to be a Soulbound item. Using it boosts the experience gained while your character is in resting mode, with the effect stacking up to three times.

As of the current moment, it remains uncertain whether the Cozy Sleeping Bag will be officially introduced for SoD. Nonetheless, anticipation runs high among fans. Many express that it might serve as motivation to level up their alts. At the same time, others can’t help but ask for the possibility of unlocking the sleeping bag in WoW retail, noting its convenience for leveling purposes.

We’re curious to hear your thoughts on the Cozy Sleeping Bag, so share your opinions in the comments below! And if you’re eager to stay informed about the upcoming features in SoD Phase 2, be sure to check out our detailed article for all the latest updates here:

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