WoW Classic Hardcore Server PTR Is Coming

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WoW Classic Hardcore Server Is Coming Soon on PTR

Blizzard has made an exciting update to the World of Warcraft installation menu on the application. A new section now redirects players to the PTR of WoW Classic Era. Thus, signaling the imminent arrival of the highly-anticipated hardcore server.

Introduced in mid-May, the developers have tantalized eager fans for weeks. The community’s anticipation is palpable. And now, the long-standing dream has become a reality. Finally, the official testing phase is within reach.

WoW Classic Hardcore Server PTR Is Coming

At the moment, the exact launch date of the WoW Classic Hardcore server is unknown. However, speculations abound that testing may commence in a matter of days. Players can also look forward to the release of additional details. Namely, the functionality and features of these hardcore servers. It’s worth noting, though, the test servers are not working yet. So, even the most avid data miners will have to exercise patience, as no concrete information can be unearthed as of now.

Stay tuned for further updates as Blizzard continues fine-tuning this exciting new addition to the WoW universe.


Blizzard revealed that a special article about WoW Classic will be published on June 28. Fans are eagerly waiting for this important update, and it has sparked speculation among devoted players. Many believe that the article might reveal crucial information about the Hardcore server PTR.

WoW Classic Hardcore Server PTR Is Coming

Update 2: WoW Classic Hardcore PTR Start Date Revealed

It’s here, folks! The WoW Classic Hardcore PTR start date has been confirmed to be on June 29, 2023! Check out the article below for more information on the rules set by Blizzard. Other than that, make sure not to miss out on Sarthe’s interview with the developers either. Their conversation contains lots of fascinating insights on what lies ahead.

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