WoW Classic Hardcore PTR: Alliance Level 1 Raid on Mor’Ladim

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WoW Classic Hardcore PTR: Alliance Level 1 Raid on Mor'Ladim

A group of Alliance players in WoW Classic Hardcore PTR has rallied for a Level 1 raid on the formidable Mor’Ladim. This audacious undertaking unfolded yesterday. And ever since, it has left the WoW community with tons of fun to talk about.

Mor’Ladim is renowned for his indomitable strength and resilience. Even for high-level characters, he’s a daunting challenge that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Yet, undeterred by the odds, these courageous adventurers chose to push the boundaries and confront the fearsome foe head-on at Level 1.

According to Redditor Pummelfish, the post’s owner, the party consists of all human rogues. Armed with 100 throwing knives each, they pressed into battle against Mor’Ladim. If you’re curious to witness how the event unfolded, take a look at the video below.

Although the group didn’t manage to defeat Mor’Ladim, they had a tremendous amount of fun during their daring escapade. And when it comes to fun, make sure not to miss out on the WoW Classic Hardcore PTR epic clash between the Horde and the Alliance. After all, isn’t having a good time what gaming is all about?

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