WoW Classic Hardcore Player Hits Max Level on a Treadmill 

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WoW Classic Hardcore Player Hits Max Level on a Treadmill

A player has successfully reached the max level in WoW Classic Hardcore while simultaneously training on a treadmill. 

The gaming community never ceases to amaze. Passionate gamers always discover incredible ways to achieve extraordinary feats. This time, we are in for the remarkable journey of Twitch streamer m1n1m00se in the Hardcore realm. 

Playing in Hardcore mode means you’re no ordinary casual player. Even if your character meets their demise even once, you will need to delete them permanently. Thus, reaching the max level through conventional means is already an accomplishment worth bragging about. But to m1n1m00se, even the Hardcore WoW isn’t challenging enough. So, he has elevated the difficulty to a whole new level with his treadmill adventure.

WoW Classic Hardcore Player Hits Max Level on a Treadmill 
(Source: m1n1m00se Reddit)

The player aimed to combine the joy of gaming with the health benefits of regular exercise. He set up a treadmill in his home and positioned a keyboard and mouse on top of it. While immersing himself in the virtual realm of WoW Classic, he would simultaneously run on the treadmill. M1n1m00se went the extra mile by emulating his character’s movements. He sprinted alongside them during epic journeys across Azeroth’s sprawling landscapes. And he only slowed down to a walk when engaging in combat or completing quests.

M1n1m00se’s treadmill adventure commenced on February 5. Although the first character met an untimely demise the following day, the gamer stayed undeterred. His second character, a Night Elf Hunter, proved resilient and managed to attain level 60 on June 30

The entire gameplay and running experience were live-streamed on Twitch. Viewers can also take a look at various metrics, for instance, his heart rate, while bearing witness to his inspiring journey. m1n1m00se doesn’t recommend others to try out the Hardcore treadmill, however. He acknowledges that it took a toll on him physically. 

Along the way, the gamer discovered that playing WoW is similar to how we humans navigate our own lives. Instead of earning experience points in the game, we gain skills and knowledge in real life through exercise and learning. These efforts enhance our abilities and increase our chances of survival. And if something sets us back, like a death in Hardcore or an injury in real life, it’s crucial to remember never to give up on our journey and ourselves.

“Hey you, I know you’re out there. I know you want to be more active and make healthier choices but It’s freaking difficult. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy. No one knows the challenges you face, no one knows your story, no one will truly understand your struggle. I’m just some random person on the internet that did a really stupid challenge. But, I’m rooting for you to make a choice to be more active. I’m cheering for your next healthy choice. I’m hoping you’ll take that extra long walk or get up out of your chair or select that smaller portion size. We all have different activity levels and you’ve gotta do what works for you. You can not fail in this journey if you do one simple thing… go again.”

— m1n1m00se
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