WoW Classic Hardcore: Lags and Disconnections in EU Servers

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WoW Classic Hardcore: Lags and Disconnections in EU Servers

WoW Classic Hardcore players in EU servers still suffer from lags and disconnections. However, Blizzard won’t revive characters who died due to these technical problems.

Blizzard has given an update on the lags and disconnections in Hardcore. Following the maintenance and restarts last night, there was an improvement in the situation. Unfortunately, these persistent issues have resurfaced. And so, the development team has to redouble their troubleshooting efforts. 

The company is considering implementing in-game messaging to alert players about potential technical hiccups. But, they don’t want gamers to have unrealistic expectations of gameplay stability.

“In terms of in-game messaging it is being considered, though keep in mind not everyone is affected and a generic message about potentially running into issues is already true at all times. Having warnings appear and disappear might simply create unrealistic expectations about when it is and isn’t “safe” to play.”

— Blizzard

The company will not roll back or revive characters lost due to technical issues. So, the heroes of Azeroth are strongly advised to exercise extra caution during their journey in the Hardcore realm. 

Players are encouraged to discuss the specific symptoms they are experiencing. This information will greatly assist the technical teams. They are working diligently to identify and address the root cause of the issues.

Stay tuned for further updates! In the meantime, if you decide to continue your adventure in Azeroth, then be careful. After all, your character has only one life to spare.

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