WoW Classic Hardcore Boss Deleted Half of the Korean Raid

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WoW Classic Hardcore Boss Deleted Half of The Raid

The stakes are perilously high in the unforgiving domain of WoW Classic Hardcore. Even minor mistakes can lead to catastrophic outcomes. A recent somber event on the Korean servers highlighted this reality. A group of adventurers tragically lost half of their raid. The boss’s unforgiving mechanics played a significant part. Players’ disorientation served another. And the cherry on top was a Hunter’s beloved pet. 

High Priest Venoxis in Zul’Gurub is famous for his Holy Wrath. The peculiar thing about this ability is that it jumps to the nearest targets in a chain, amplifying damage with each jump. And so, raiders need to gather in small groups to prevent Holy Wrath from escalating its devastation.

Yet, in this tragic turn of events, several players left their positions too early. Consequently, a Hunter’s pet was mispositioned, accidentally contributing to the chain effect. The last nine individuals in the chain suffered instant demise upon the ability’s first activation.

Chaos erupted. Players scattered. They either fled the raid or relied on Flask of Petrification to survive. Sadly, there was no saving those who had fallen.

And there you have it. Another day, another lesson. The silver lining remains in the joy and enjoyment players get from the game. And their excitement is bound to escalate this November, with the enticing possibility of WoW Classic+ on the horizon. 

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