WoW Classic Hardcore: 90,000 Deaths in over 24 Hours

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WoW Classic Hardcore: 90,000 Deaths in over 24 Hours

Venturing into the unforgiving world of WoW Classic Hardcore has always been a deadly endeavor. In a mere span of over 24 hours since the servers’ launch, a staggering 90,000 characters have met their demise. Thus, they are forever deleted from existence. 

Until now, only one character has reached level 33. And it’s all thanks to these perilous enemies: 

If you are into a more visual approach, check out Blizzard heat map’s progression. It’s refreshed every two hours and utilizes yellow dots to signify the lives lost during arduous encounters.

The treacherous path that unfolds in WoW Classic Hardcore has been punctuated by countless fatalities. And to make it even more challenging, Blizzard has announced that they won’t consider appeals anymore. If your character meets their demise, there’s no chance of resurrection. Their death in the Hardcore realm is permanent. Nevertheless, the option remains available to transfer your character to the non-hardcore servers. That is, if you find yourself unable to part way with your cherished character.

With that said, we understand how painful it is to navigate through the realm of WoW Classic Hardcore alone. And so, we have assembled a compilation of the most essential addons that will be able to aid you on your journey. These indispensable tools will offer you much-needed support for the trials that lie ahead. So, be sure to check them out!

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