Watch This Streamer Play WoW Classic with a Webcam

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Watch This Streamer Play WoW Classic with a Webcam

World of Warcraft’s fans have never ceased to amaze. They always seek novel ways to spice up their gaming experience. And streamer Masonx has recently taken it to the next level by using a webcam to control his character in WoW Classic. 

With the help of Google’s latest computer vision pipeline, said player has turned the MMORPG into a motion-control game. The program detects real-world human movements and translates them into in-game commands. Through Masonx’s setup, the streamer controls his character’s actions by physically imitating them. For instance, jumping in real life prompts the in-game character to hop. Swinging one’s hands up and down makes the character run forward. Raising and lowering his hands have his character engage in combat. And to consume food and beverage, the streamer brings his hands to his face, mimicking the act of taking in the nutrients to replenish health and mana.

Masonx has proven that basic gameplay is indeed achievable using this unconventional method. However, it requires physical exertion and practice to master complex group content. After all, it’s when swift reactions are crucial. Especially when handling situations that demand quick responses and precise actions. 

The innovative gameplay style has gained attention across the gaming community. You can check it out on Masonx’s Twitch channel or in the video below.

Using a webcam to control a character in World of Warcraft Classic comes with its fair share of challenges. But it has undeniably unlocked a new realm of possibilities. Thus, presenting the community with a perfect blend of entertainment and physical fitness. 

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