SoD Phase 2: You Can Carry 12 Waylaid Supplies in One Stack!

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No more “you can’t carry any more of those.” In SoD Phase 2, players can now stack up to 12 Waylaid Supplies in one inventory slot!

SoD Phase 2: You Can Carry 12 Waylaid Supplies at Once!

Key Takeaways

  • Waylaid Supplies are no longer Unique.
  • SoD Phase 2 allows players to carry up to 12 Waylaid Supplies in one stack. This will help a lot with organizing players’ inventory.
  • The WoW community widely praises the upgrade as a significant quality-of-life improvement.

WoW players can now rejoice as the capacity for carrying Waylaid Supplies has been significantly enhanced. Lead Software Engineer Ana Resendez, in an exclusive interview with Scottejaye, disclosed that the once unique Waylaid Supplies will no longer be Unique:

12 Waylaid Supplies Will Take up Only One Inventory Slot

While Resendez didn’t mention the new maximum quantity that one inventory slot can hold, various players reported that the Waylaid Supplies have been given a cap of 12:

Fans are overjoyed with this quality-of-life improvement:

After all, according to many, the supplies being Unique wasn’t even necessary in the first place:

What about you? What do you think about this Waylaid Supplies upgrade? Let us know in the comments! And if you want to know more about what lies ahead in Phase 2, be sure to check out this article:

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