SoD Gnomeregan Raid Won’t Be Hyper-Difficult

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SoD Gnomeregan raid will be a 10-player instance, and Aggrend has also confirmed that it won’t be hyper-difficult.

SoD Gnomeregan Raid Won't Be Hyper-Difficult

Key Takeaways

  • Gnomeregan in WoW’s SoD Phase 2 is a 10-player raid, confirmed to be not overly difficult.
  • The WoW community split over the 10-player raid concept, concerns about potential ease and impact on the overall gaming experience. Fans worry about creative constraints due to limited slots, discouraging unconventional class choices.
  • Other players are happy with the 10-player raid. They believe it provides a more enjoyable experience, allowing time for preparation and emphasizing teamwork and individual responsibility.

SoD Phase 2 is set to be released on February 8, heralding exciting changes that you can check out in this article:

SoD Gnomeregan Raid Will be Cleared Quickly 100%

One notable addition is the Gnomeregan raid. Similar to Blackfathom Deeps, it’s now been revamped into a 10-player raid. Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield confirmed that the redesigned raid won’t be excessively demanding. According to Greenfield, well-equipped and coordinated guilds can 100% clear Gnomeregan quickly:

What Fans Think About a 10-Player SoD Gnomeregan Raid

This news has split the WoW community. Many argue that this decision may negatively impact the overall gaming experience. They worry that the 10-player raid must be so easy and simplistic that even low-skilled players can finish it. Thus, diminishing the sense of accomplishment. 

Other than that, there are concerns regarding the limited slots in a 10-player group. Fans are concerned that this will discourage players from bringing meme classes into the raid. And it will hinder the creative and experimental aspects of SoD in the process.

SoD Gnomeregan Raid Won't Be Hyper-Difficult

However, others don’t agree. They are actually happy with Gnomeregan being a 10-player raid. They believe the smaller raid size provides players with a more enjoyable experience. They will have more time to level up to 40 and gear up before undertaking the challenge. 

Moreover, they think that having a 10-player group makes it easier for players to work together in raids. The smaller group size also means each player’s performance significantly matters for the entire raid’s progress. This setup creates a shared responsibility among raid members. It motivates everyone to give their best for a successful run. And so, low-skilled players won’t be able to enter a raid, do nothing, and still get the loot as in the 40-player scenarios.

SoD Gnomeregan Raid Won't Be Hyper-Difficult

So, what do you think? Do you like the 10-player raids? Or are you a fan of the 40-player raids? Let us know in the comments!

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