Players Express Disappointment in WoW Classic SoD

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On various platforms, players are expressing their disappointment in WoW Classic SoD.

Players Express Disappointment in WoW Classic SoD

Key Takeaways

  • SoD is a big success, however, in recent times, many gamers are expressing their disappointment with this WoW version.
  • They expected to see more secrets and mysteries in the game that are not only related to the characters’ skills.
  • There are many SoD supporters as well. They emphasize that SoD is a seasonal Classic server, and so, players shouldn’t expect to see a brand-new game.

Blizzard’s Season of Discovery (SoD) has emerged as a resounding success. It marks a significant turnaround from past WoW controversies. Since the launch of the first phase on November 30, 2023, SoD has garnered widespread acclaim. Not only because it introduces a fresh perspective to WoW, but also because Blizzard has been very responsive to players’ feedback. So what exactly is the source of discontentment in the community about SoD?

WoW Classic SoD Disappoints Many WoW Players

In recent times, many gamers have taken to online platforms to express their disappointment with SoD. The prevailing sentiment is that they expected more from SoD. Many anticipated seeing more secrets and mysteries in the game. For instance, hidden dungeons, enigmatic NPCs, secret quests, and more. They wanted a world ripe for exploration with surprises tucked away in unexplored nooks and crannies.

Regrettably, the reality of SoD has left much to be desired. The only notable mysteries revolve around the Runes and their acquisition. There are no new dungeons to explore, and the currently disclosed raids are mere reimaginings of existing dungeons.

But SoD Also Brings Back the Fun to WoW Classic

On the other hand, many players stand in support of WoW Classic SoD. They made it clear that SoD is a seasonal Classic server. It’s supposed to be Classic and not an entirely new game. Supporters contend that SoD provides a smart strategy to breathe new life into WoW. After all, it lets players and even the developers the chance to experiment with abilities and just have fun. Even the devs shared that they want to prioritize fun over perfect balance.

What about you? How do you feel about SoD? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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