WoW Classic: No Plans for Wrath-Era Servers

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WoW Classic: No Plans for Wrath-Era Servers

During Warcraft Wiki’s recent interview with Josh Greenfield and Nora Moletta, WoW players were taken aback by an unexpected revelation. The development team currently has no intentions to introduce Wrath-era servers. 

This may come as a disappointing surprise to many World of Warcraft enthusiasts. After all, Wrath of the Lich King holds a special place as one of the most beloved expansions in the game’s history. Many had eagerly anticipated the prospect of dedicated servers for this expansion. Unfortunately, it now seems like a distant dream.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. After all, Blizzard assured players that the destiny of Classic WoW is in the hands of its community. At the moment, the prevailing interest appears to center around the impending arrival of Deathwing. After all, it was revealed during BlizzCon 2023 that Cataclysm is coming to WoW Classic. But after that, who knows? The realm of possibilities remains wide open. 

The absence of dedicated Wrath Classic servers is disappointing. However, fans of Cataclysm and Classic WoW still have much to look forward to. The arrival of the Worldbreaker will offer a wealth of new content to enjoy and thrilling adventures to experience. For more information that was revealed during BlizzCon 2023, feel free to explore our article here:

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