Hunter’s Scorpid Pet Rebalanced, No More Extreme Damage

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Blizzard has promptly addressed the extreme damage output of Hunter’s Scorpid pet. From now on, Kill Command will no longer affect Scorpid Poison.

Hunter's Scorpid Pet Rebalanced, No More Extreme Damage

Key Takeaways

  • Blizzard swiftly addresses Hunter’s Scorpid pet’s overwhelming damage output issue.
  • Kill Command no longer affects Scorpid Poison, eliminating the 60% damage boost.
  • The developers will continue to fine-tune this ability for more balance.

Hunter’s Scorpid pet wreaked havoc in Season of Discovery with its unprecedented damage output in recent days. The pet could easily outperform most playable classes in the entire game before the fix. This stemmed from the Scorpid Poison, which scaled with the Hunter’s attack power. Also, Kill Command stacks weren’t consumed by the poison. So, if the Hunter used Kill Command and then sent in the pet, it would deal a staggering 60% increase in damage.

Responding to player feedback, Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield clarified recent game adjustments. The main goal was to address the overly powerful Scorpid Poison. They also worked on fixing a bug where Aspect of the Lion affected players outside the Hunter’s party. However, these changes brought up some unexpected side effects, affecting more abilities than intended.

Scorpid Poison will consume Kill Command stacks as the fix has been implemented. This will put an end to its 60% boost in damage. The developers will continue to fine-tune this ability to balance its power.

Blizzard has demonstrated a proactive approach to the community’s feedback in recent times. They’ve made adjustments to the acquisition of Warlock Rune Metamorphosis. A new server named Chaos Bolt was introduced to deal with the surge in population in Crusader Strike. Even the concerns about Reputation rewards in Ashenvale PvP will be addressed soon. Blizzard’s effort is commendable. Their responsiveness and commitment to enhancing the gaming experience are more than appreciated.

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