How to Join Wow Classic Hardcore PTR?

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How to Join Wow Classic Hardcore PTR?

WoW Classic Hardcore PTR is out and about. And so, if your question right now is: “How to join in the fun?” then you have come to the right place.

About WoW Classic Hardcore

WoW Classic Hardcore started out as a way for dedicated gamers to take the game to a whole new height of challenge. Their goal is to reach the max level without dying even once. In the unfortunate event that they fall in combat, they must delete their characters and start over from scratch. These players mostly gather on the Hydraxian Waterlords and Bloodsail Buccaneers servers. They are known for their strong commitment to this unique play style, making them one of the most dedicated groups in the World of Warcraft. 

For a long time, they had requested official servers designed specifically for their preferred play style. And finally, their wish has been granted.

How to Join WoW Classic Hardcore PTR?

Gaining access to WoW Classic Hardcore PTR is actually a lot simpler than you may have thought:

And that’s it. Make sure that you have an active subscription to World of Warcraft, and happy testing!

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