SoD Phase 2 Blood Moon Layering Issues: Players’ Feedback

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Blizzard has implemented fixes and adjustments in an attempt to resolve the Blood Moon layering issues. And now, they are asking players for feedback to further fine-tune the solution.

SoD Phase 2 Blood Moon Layering Issues: Players' Feedback

Players have been frustrated due to the Blood Moon event’s layering issues. Groups and their members are often spread across various layers, causing unwanted problems. Among them are difficulties staying in the same group with other players, inability to invite new members, experiencing gameplay lags, and more.

Blizzard Addresses Blood Moon Layering Issues And Seeks Feedback

SoD Phase 2 Blood Moon Layering Issues: Players' Feedback
(Source: Blizzard)

Responding to these concerns, Blizzard has taken action. They implemented fixes in the hope of solving the layering issues. And now, the developers are actively seeking input on the recent adjustments to address the problems even more effectively. Players are encouraged to be as specific as possible about their observations. When giving feedback, gamers should include:

Blizzard also provides a few examples for the community’s reference:

  • “I was in a group of 4 in Booty Bay and invited a 5th person to the group at approximately 3:14 PM server time Feb 24th on Crusader Strike. That 5th person was unable to join us on our layer.”
  • “I was fighting near the Gurubashi Arena at roughly 6:20 PM server time Feb 26th on Living Flame in a full 5-player group, and I experienced input lag that caused my abilities to take 1-2 seconds to fire. There were roughly 50 other players within a few hundred yards of my location.”
  • “I was in a group of 5 players gathered near the Kurzen Camp and 2 members of my party were removed from my layer at 12:25 AM server time Feb 24th on Lone Wolf. “
— Blizzard

Blizzard clarifies that if a layer reaches full capacity, new members invited to your group may be unable to join your layer. This is intentional to prevent performance issues from an overcrowded layer. To minimize disruptions, you should gather your group and travel to Stranglethorn with them before the event begins. This strategy helps ensure everyone can play together without disruption, especially if your current layer is already full.

Players are currently sharing their concerns on the Blizzard forum. If you encounter any issues you’d like to provide feedback on, don’t hesitate to voice your opinion!

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