”Arthas My Son” Remixed by Linkin Park

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Arthas, My Son” is one of the most impressive tracks of the World of Warcraft series. Not only because it evokes nostalgia for a bygone time but also because of the tragic and wistful melody full of regret. Meanwhile, Linkin Park is a part of many people’s childhood. With their robust tunes, electric guitars, powerful drums, and impressive vocals, they have become a worldwide legend. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to combine the two of them together? Well, you don’t need to imagine no more, as World of Warcraft has joined hands with Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park to unleash a rock remix of “Arthas, My Son.”

The remix falls in about two and a half minutes. Not too long nor too short. Enough for you to fall into the whirlpool of nostalgia, feel the prince of Lordaeron’s tragic story, and contemplate what has happened during the past years. It brings a new perspective to the legendary track but still retains the values that will surely bring a pang to your heart. Maybe you will remember playing WotLK while listening to Linkin Park. You may also be reminded of Chester Bennington. Memories from the past may come back to you, as well as reminiscences of closed ones. Maybe you will get lost in the past. But stay there for only two and a half minutes. Because the present is a gift, and the future awaits you with many other pleasant surprises. Like the upcoming patch 10.0.5 with the arrival of Trading Post and the ability to transmog with white and gray quality items.

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