A Couple Saved WoW Classic Hardcore Character over the Phone

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A Couple Saved WoW Classic Hardcore Character over the Phone

A WoW Classic Hardcore player found himself in an unexpected situation. His level 20 warrior was about to face their ultimate demise. However, luckily for him, he had an MVP girlfriend and a telephone to save the day.

Dbloc11 took to Reddit to share his heart-warming story. For context, he, his girlfriend, and their children share four monitors on the same floating desk. His girlfriend usually uses the two center monitors for her work, and OP usually sits at the far left one. His girlfriend loves playing games on PS5 and Switch. However, she’s not quite a PC gamer. And so, unlike her boyfriend, she’s unfamiliar with the World of Warcraft. But she does know that if his character dies, they will be deleted. No exception.

One day, Dbloc11 got called into work. The player thought he would return home in under 30 minutes, so he didn’t close the client. Long story short, his girlfriend accidentally logged his character into the game. And, of course, just being the relentless realm WoW Classic Hardcore was, his warrior was immediately attacked by two big dogs. Panic ensued, but his girlfriend was quick to react. She phoned him for guidance.

Dbloc11 received the call. He directed her to use specific keys to activate skills and consume healing potions. Together, they defeated the enemies. Under his instruction, she teleported the warrior to safety with a Hearthstone. And Dbloc11 was finally able to breathe out a sigh of relief. For a full story of how things unfolded, you may want to check out the original post:


In the comment sections, Redditors are fervently pushing the ship. They encourage Dbloc11 to marry his girlfriend without delay. Meanwhile, another player opened up about a poignant incident from their own gaming experience. He revealed how his wife ran his character into a perilous Murloc camp on purpose. And what made the situation all the more bitter was that he was on speakerphone all the time. Of course, this revelation ignited a flurry of curiosity about what he did to deserve such extreme treatment.

Nevertheless, Dbloc11’s story shows how remarkable synergy a couple can achieve when they unite their efforts. The incident has surely become an unforgettable experience in their relationship. And as they continue their adventures together in the real world, let’s hope they will craft countless more cherished memories together. 

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