Unlock New Helldivers 2 Content: Together, Get Those Mechs!

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Players must work together and liberate Tien Kwan to unlock new Helldivers 2 content and get their hands on the long-awaited mechs.

Unlock New Helldivers 2 Content: Together, Liberate a Planet!

Key Takeaways

  • Players must collaborate to liberate Tien Kwan and unlock new Helldivers 2 content: the long-awaited mechs.
  • The Major Order has a 70-hour time limit. If the defenders of Super Earth can’t liberate Tien Kwan within the time limit, the Automatons will seize control of the Exosuits.
  • Arrowhead innovatively ties content releases to the game’s storyline, enhancing player immersion and depth of experience.
  • Gamers overwhelmingly support this method of content release.

Following the announcement regarding the assault on factories in Tien Kwan, a Major Order was promptly issued. Planet Tien Kwan houses the only facility stockpiling advanced Exosuits. These powerful military machines can potentially shift the tide of battle in favor of Super Earth’s defenders. However, the planet is now under the Automatons’ attack. Mech production is suspended until the planet is secured:

The Major Order stands as the top priority for every Helldiver. It lasts only 70 hours. Failure to liberate Tien Kwan within this time limit means the Automatons will seize control of the Exosuits. Thus, resulting in a delay of mech launches in the game until a new Major Order provides players with another opportunity to obtain them.

Arrowhead’s innovative approach to releasing new content has left the community breathless. Unlike typical approaches of releasing content or restricting it behind paywalls, Arrowhead has found a way to integrate new additions with the lore, gameplay, and players’ experiences. Gamers are given a chance to actively participate in unlocking the content through collective effort. Thus, this brings immersion to a whole other level and strengthens community bonds as they unite toward a shared objective.

Times and times again, Helldivers 2 continues to amaze players. Many gamers have voiced their preference for this method of releasing new content in Helldivers 2 going forward. What about you? How about you? Are you enjoying the game’s approach? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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