Helldivers 2 Fire Tornadoes Hit Hellmire

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Are Meteor Showers giving you a hard time? If so, brace yourself, because Helldivers 2 Fire Tornadoes are about to turn up the heat.

Helldivers 2 Fire Tornadoes Hit Hellmire

Despite being teased a week ago, players are only now getting the opportunity to witness the scorching splendor of the Fire Tornadoes:


Witnessing rows of swirling Fire Tornadoes barbecuing the entire map is undoubtedly glorious. However, this environmental hazard poses fatal challenges for Helldivers on their missions. According to reports from many players, these tornadoes can spawn unexpectedly and silently, catching Helldivers off guard and leading to significant casualties. Adding to the problem, the blazing columns last for what seems like forever, engulfing unfortunate defenders of Super Earth in an unrelenting sea of flames without a way out.

Have you encountered the deadly Helldivers 2 Fire Tornadoes yet? What’s your impression? And if you’re wondering about the other planetary hazards and their effects, don’t hesitate to check out our article here:

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