Most Hyped Games Coming out in December 2022

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The most hyped releases of 2022 have already happened, and what gamers have until the end of this year is a collection of largely lower-grade projects. Even so, a lot of people will be excited to play some of these, considering that at least a few of the games coming out in December are expected to be absolute bangers.

There are several dozen worthwhile releases this month, and an infinite score of indie projects. This overview will cover a few promising titles you could enjoy after finishing Ragnarök, between the sessions of WoW or other favorite WowVendor games. Some of them would also make outstanding Christmas gifts.

The Callisto Protocol

Release: December 2

The Callisto Protocol is easily the most expected of the new games coming out in December 2022. It’s a sci-fi survival horror set in a premise very similar to Dead Space. Some developers were also part of the late franchise, and many fans hope that Callisto ends up as enjoyable as the original was.

A rare survivor of an alien invasion in space with an array of gritty engineering tools for weapons facing against a horde of alien-infected undead — the similarities are immense, and fans expect it to be the perfect Dead Space they miss so much. The last installation failed, and the expectations are huge.

The location is a sprawling maximum security prison, which you want to escape before the former inmates get you. Lots of out-of-place killing machines are also a required feature. It probably won’t be an open world, but the devs promise a bit more diversity in terms of where you could go compared to Dead Space.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Release: December 2

Among the upcoming games December 2022 brings, Marvel’s Midnight Suns represent the turn-based roleplay strategy niche. As evident from the name, players will be inserted into the Marvel Universe. They’ll be able to play as a score of popular (and not so much) superheroes.

The gameplay is similar to both XCOM and, weirdly, JRPGs such as Persona 5. In practice, you’ll be able to bring several heroes into battle and use their abilities in turn-based combat to defeat your enemies. The idea is simple, but there’s supposed to be a lot of depth — abilities, environment, and positioning can all be utilized to win.

Dwarf Fortress Steam Version

Release: December 6

The name must be familiar to the old-time players. They would immediately picture a randomly-generated dwarf-centered pixelated kingdom builder. And it’s barely comprehensible by today’s standards. The original — released in 2006 — is essentially a piece of art that inspired a score of creative projects in many genres: from Minecraft to Rimworld.

For the last couple of years, the devs worked tirelessly. They improved the aged title visually, added new content, made the progression more logical to eventually release it on Steam. The efforts will culminate with the December release the game concludes on the 6th. It’s a must-have for anyone who’s into managing settlements and dwarfs.

Hello Neighbor 2

Release: December 6

There have already been two chapters in this franchise: a 2017 single-player horror that kids liked & a Dead by Daylight counterpart in 2019. What’s commendable is that devs continue to do something new with their creation. This sequel is an immensely expanded take on the experience some people cherished in the first installation.

The original put you in an open world without a clear goal. The only thing you could do is snoop around the house of your burly, mustached neighbor. He makes a comeback in this iteration, but there are many more locations, secrets, and neighbors you can investigate. There will be a lot of content, which at least makes it one of the more curious game releases in December 2022.

This project is done with more professionalism and know-how than before. The visuals are cartoonish but also eerie and stylish. A lot of content was put into the project. It even boasts a gradually learning AI mechanism, which will study you and make the game more challenging.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

Release: December 6

The December game releases in 2022 bring players another grand strategy, in addition to an earlier Victoria III. On the 6th, fans of Civilization, Total War, and Paradox games will get a curious and rather unique experience in the shape of KoH II: Sovereign. In it, you’ll assume the role of one of the many European rulers in the Middle Ages.

Diplomacy and continent-wide scheming will be a part of the gameplay, but you’ll also be able to play your hand in the regional affairs of your cities, towns, and subjects, as well as lead your troops in the battle directly. Each scale has lots of features and content, but individually they aren’t as deep as the games that focus on fighting, town management, or diplomacy specifically.

It also comes with pleasant visuals, sounds, and a great deal of immersion. The main distinctive feature of this game is that you can manage a lot of smaller nuances that would otherwise be overlooked in other grand strategy titles. It lets you feel like you’re genuinely a feudal lord with priorities, goals, and enemies.

High on Life

Release: in December

High of Life is a unique adventure shooter that takes obvious inspiration from Rick and Morty. The synopsis is that aliens invade Earth and use humans as drugs. Your goal is to stop the cartel that is behind this with the help of sentient guns. Release dates of upcoming games in December are mostly known, but now for this one.

That’s a handful, and you’d rightfully expect the same blend of surrealism and humor throughout the game. The visuals are extremely colorful, although there is also a semblance of realism surrounding more grounded details, such as environments or the appearance of human beings.

It’s a weirdly cute experience that will only take about 12 hours for you to complete. A bright, face-paced 1–2 day adventure is the fresh experience many currently crave. It’ll likely come out near Christmas, making it a neat present material. Although short, it’s one of the best upcoming games left this year.

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