Ubisoft Teams up with Riot Games to Put an End to Players Toxic Behavior

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Any game has toxic players. They ruin others’ fun and create trouble for game developers. After all, no one wants to spend their time filled with negativities forever.

Understanding the problem, Ubisoft and Riot have decided to tackle the issue. They have joined hands in developing Zero Harm in Comms. They want to make gaming a fun and safe experience.

Zero Harm in Comms uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and prevent hostile interactions. The program aims to expand the capabilities of AI to automatically block harmful interactions. It will also build a database of players who have committed misconduct. Thanks to that, it can improve its ability to prevent similar actions in the future. This database will be anonymous to protect the privacy of gamers. The project is led by Yves Jacquier, CEO of Ubisoft La Forge, and Wesley Kerr, head of Riot’s technology research department. The AI cannot detect every instance of bad behavior. But it can recognize problems with a high accuracy rate. The two companies plan to share the project’s first phase with the rest of the world next year.

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