TLoZ: Tears of the Kingdom May Feature Underwater Exploration

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Speculation is rife among Zelda fans that Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) may include underwater exploration. The feature has been absent from the franchise for quite some time. However, eagle-eyed players spotted a hint regarding the said matter in the 10-minute gameplay demonstration yesterday.

The idea of adventuring underwater has been teeming in the Zelda community ever since Breath of the Wild (BotW). Yet, it’s not until after seeing Eiji Aonuma traveling in the new Hyrule that fans’ hope is once again ignited.

The observation that sparked this speculation relates to Link’s Ascend skill. More specifically, how its icon reacted. When Link dives into the water in the footage, the Ascend icon becomes active. However, as soon as he resurfaced, it was once again greyed out. More curiously, the ability’s animation also resembles a swimming movement. Thus, there’s a high chance that our hero might actually come to utilize this new power to navigate the water somehow.

Of course, he was able to briefly dive in BotW by jumping from a high cliff. Yet, it was nowhere near past games’ experiences where the chosen hero could explore a whole subaquatic world. If TotK does indeed allow such adventure, it would be a major addition to the title’s already impressive array of arsenals.

In addition to Ascend, Link will be able to wield three other special abilities. These new powers promise to elevate the game’s already impressive freedom of exploration to even greater heights. With these fresh tools at their disposal, players will have more opportunities to interact with the world of Hyrule in unique and exciting ways.

The series’ franchise is more than excited to see what new possibilities TotK will offer when it is released this May.

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