Tekken Ball Is Back! Sign Up for Tekken 8 Closed Beta Test

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Tekken Ball Is Back! Sign Up for Tekken 8 Closed Beta Test

Bandai Namco is reintroducing the beloved Tekken Ball mini-game in the upcoming Tekken 8 release. Adding to the excitement, a closed beta test (CBT) is on the horizon!

Fan-Favorite Mini-Game Returns

Tekken Ball Is Back in Tekken 8

Tekken Ball was originally debuted in the third part of the game in 1998. It quickly garnered popularity and made a return in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U edition in 2012. This fan-favorite mini-game offers players a delightful diversion from traditional fighting gameplay.

The goal is to damage the opponent by:

This gameplay mechanic offers a moment of relaxation for players after hours of intense combat. It’s a delightful diversion and an engaging party game to spice up local gatherings. 

Tekken Ball will be featured in the Fight Lounge in the upcoming part of the franchise. This lobby allows players to engage with one another, access new features, and explore various modes within the game. 

When Is Tekken 8 Closed Beta Test

Sign Up for Tekken 8 Closed Beta Test

Along with the much-acclaimed return of Tekken Ball, Bandai Namco has also announced a closed beta test for Tekken 8. It’s scheduled to kick off on October 20 and wrap up on October 23. During this occasion, players can experience the following features:

Regrettably, Tekken Ball won’t be part of the test.

Eager to participate in the CBT? Take your chance and register today

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