Super Mario Bros. Movie Runtime Revealed

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The upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie is set to release on April 7, 2023. While recent films have tended to run for about two and a half hours, the Italian plumbers’ journey is rounded in a relatively brief hour and a half. This information was revealed by the Irish Film Classification Office.

Despite the shorter runtime, the movie boasts an all-star voice cast. With Chris Pratt lending his talents to Mario and Charlie Day taking on the role of Luigi, the iconic duo is in good hands. Meanwhile, Anya Taylor-Joy brings her signature poise and grace to Princess Peach. Seth Rogen is on the mission of bringing Donkey Kong to life. Keegan-Michael Key surely does a great job as Toad. And Jack Black brings his unique brand of wit to the villainous Bowser. But the star-studded cast doesn’t end there. Fans of the Nintendo games will also be pleased to know that Charles Martinet, the voices of Mario and Luigi, will make a special cameo in the film.

The film will feature a unique take on the classic video game characters. But you can rest assured that the main spirit and elements of the franchise will be present. After all, in the teaser trailer released during the Super Bowl, the two Brooklyn plumbers are thrust into an epic battle against Bowser, maintaining the core essence of the original game.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is under Illumination’s care. It’s a highly respected studio with an impressive track record of animation hits. It’s also the studio Nintendo has entrusted to deliver the upcoming adaptation of The Legend of Zelda. With such a solid reputation, fans of the beloved Mario series can rest assured that their favorite characters are in good hands.

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