Dead by Daylight Presents Dungeons & Dragons Chapter

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On May 9, Behavior showed the first teaser of the new chapter. Dead by Daylight is finally getting a Dungeons & Dragons chapter!

Dungeons & Dragons chapter will be released in Dead By Daylight on June 4. On May 9, we saw this chapter’s first teaser; on May 14, the developers will hold a stream dedicated to the eighth Anniversary of Dead by Daylight. On that stream, Behavior will share details of the new 32 chapter “Dungeons & Dragons,” as well as show the roadmap for the ninth year of the game. Vecna will be the new DbD Killer.

Dungeons & Dragons Chapter in Dead by Daylight Background

Dead by Daylight is a kind of “Horror Hall of Fame,” as the developers have repeatedly stated. In particular, bringing as many famous franchises into crossovers as possible is the dream of DbD game director Mathieu Coté. Dead by Daylight came out in 2016 as a niche 4vs.1 survival horror game from a small Canadian indie studio.

Over time, DbD grew, acquiring more licenses of legendary horror franchises, many of which are Mathieu Coté’s personal favorites. He and his fiancée Patricia Brochu-Gagné, Dead by Daylight’s former Community Manager, are both big D&D fans and regularly host gaming parties at their home.

Shortly after the release of the D&D teaser, Mathieu shared on his Twitter (X) that he has been a fan of this universe since he was eight years old.

Vecna in Dead by Daylight

However, there is another story. One of Dead by Daylight’s DLCs is Stranger Things Chapter, which was released on September 17, 2019. Unfortunately, Behavior lost the license two years later, and the chapter became unavailable for purchase. Interestingly, in the summer of 2022, after the release of the fourth season of the Netflix show Stranger Things, there were rumors in the Dead by Daylight community about the chapter’s return to the game.

Eddie Munson, one of the main characters in the fourth season, is the game master of the school’s Dungeons & Dragons club. The main antagonist is someone from the Upside Down, nicknamed Vecna. Like past season villains Demogorgon and Mind Flayer, he’s also named after a D&D character.

(Source: Epic Games)

In the summer of that year, some data miners on Twitter began to spread rumors that Vecna from Stranger Things would become the new Killer in DbD when the chapter returns to the game. User DBDLeaks tweeted a video of a supposedly updated Hawkins National Laboratory map and screenshots of Stranger Things Vecna 3D model without textures.

Unfortunately, very soon, it was revealed that all these leaks turned out to be fan-made fakes.

(Source: Dead by Daylight Discord)

On November 6, 2023, the Stranger Things chapter returned to Dead by Daylight. Everyone seems to have forgotten about the Vecna from Stranger Things rumors, but suddenly, new rumors recently appeared: Vecna would still arrive in Dead by Daylight. But it will be Dungeons & Dragons Vecna.

Vecna in Dungeons & Dragons

In early 2024, it was revealed that Vecna, along with other classic villains, was returning to the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons. On April 16, the official trailer for the D&D Beyond adventure module “Vecna: Eve of Ruin” was released. The video presented the updated design of Ascended to Godhood Vecna. On May 9, the same channel released the first teaser for Dead by Daylight x Dungeons & Dragons.


Although Beholder is featured at the center of the Dungeons & Dragons chapter teaser, an ominous laugh can be heard off-screen at the end of the video. In the description, the developers hinted that you should listen closely to the voice in the darkness. This laugh is very similar to the one we already heard in the Vecna trailer. It turns out that after two years of rumors and speculation, on June 4, Vecna will finally become the new Dead By Daylight Killer.

(Source: Curse LLC)

What do you think? What do you expect from the eighth Anniversary Dead by Daylight stream?

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