NASL Player Profile: DIMAGA

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DIMAGA: The Illustrious Career of a Zerg StarCraft II Player

In the world of competitive StarCraft II (SC2), few players have garnered as much acclaim as Dmytro Filipchuk, better known by his gaming alias DIMAGA. With a strong background in Brood War, DIMAGA quickly rose to prominence in the SC2 scene, showcasing his exceptional skills and strategic prowess. In this article, we will delve into DIMAGA’s impressive career, highlighting his tournament victories, unique playstyle, and notable performances in the North American Star League (NASL).

From Brood War to SC2: DIMAGA’s Journey

DIMAGA’s passion for gaming originated in Brood War, a precursor to SC2. As the transition to SC2 began, DIMAGA made his mark as a Zerg player, captivating the attention of fans and professionals alike with his exceptional talent.

Tournament Triumphs and Glorious Wins

DIMAGA’s success is evident through his notable tournament victories. Notably, he clinched 1st place in the prestigious WCG Ukraine competition, demonstrating his exceptional skill and dedication. Furthermore, he has claimed top honors in various tournaments, including the GIGABYTE Cup #7 and Assembly Summer, cementing his status as a formidable competitor in the SC2 arena.

Playstyle and Strategic Brilliance

DIMAGA’s playstyle is characterized by a strong emphasis on macro-oriented strategies, often favoring longer games. While not relying heavily on scouting, he employs safer plays, preserving larva and injects to allow for a well-calculated response to impending attacks. His strategic approach also involves multiple queens per base, showcasing his innovative thinking and adaptability.

NASL Season 3 Success

During the third season of the NASL, DIMAGA showcased his mastery by securing 3rd place in Division 2, losing only three matches throughout the nine-week competition. Although he made it to the Wildcards round, his journey was cut short by GanZi, a fierce opponent.

Season 2: Great Expectations and Playoffs Battle

Entering NASL with high expectations, DIMAGA quickly became a fan favorite and division frontrunner in Season 2. He dominated his initial matchups, dropping only a single game in his first five encounters. However, he faced formidable opponents in TT1 and Puma, resulting in a 5-2 record and securing 3rd place in his division. Despite a strong showing in the Playoffs, DIMAGA was ultimately eliminated in the round of 16 by fellow Eastern European player Brat_OK.

Season 1 Open Tournament and Qualification

DIMAGA’s journey in NASL began with the Season 1 Open Tournament, where he showcased his prowess and made it to the Ro8 bracket. In a valiant effort, he fell to PuMa, the eventual tournament champion. However, DIMAGA’s impressive performance secured his qualification for Season 2, setting the stage for his continued success in the league.

Match History


DIMAGA’s illustrious career in SC2 has been defined by his strategic brilliance, tournament victories, and consistent performances in NASL. From his early days in Brood War to his triumphs in SC2, DIMAGA has left an indelible mark on the competitive gaming scene. As fans eagerly anticipate his future endeavors, DIMAGA continues to inspire aspiring players with his dedication, skill, and unwavering passion for the game.

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