New Survival Game Codename “Odyssey” Teased by Mike Ybarra

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Mike Ybarra teases a new survival game on Twitter. Under the codename “Odyssey,” it has left fans more than restless, anticipating the company’s next major release.

Blizzard’s Executive Vice President and General Manager posted a cryptic photo on his official account a few weeks ago. A green tome of unknown origin was displayed in the image inscribed with a prominent and enigmatic letter “O.” Atop it lies a key as if to unlock secrets others have yet to catch a glimpse of. Thus, the community is left speculating about what it could mean. Some suggested it might be related to an unknown title. And today, Ybarra re-posted the same photo, confirming their theories.

In his post, he revealed that the green tome and key are, in fact, related to the company’s upcoming project. The vice president had a dinner meeting with the development team earlier in the week. During the meeting, the team shared insights about their latest products and their approach to work. Although there has yet to be official information, fans now have an idea that development is moving forward.

Those yearning for more information will have to wait until BlizzCon 2023 takes place. The US firm usually makes major announcements about their upcoming games during the event. And project “Odyssey” will likely be one of the names coming up this time.

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