NetEase and Blizzard Discord Escalates with Public Destruction

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NetEase and Blizzard’s fall-out has reached a new level. The Chinese company broadcasted the destruction of Blizzard’s offices only a few hours ago.

The discord between the two companies has been escalating. But not until today that the dispute reached its peak. Fragments of the video quickly spread across social networks. 30,000 people tuned in to watch as NetEase employees expressed their displeasure. Not only the office but a local Orc statue and the gigantic replica of Gorehowl fell victim to demolition.

Last year, Blizzard announced the discontinuation of their collaboration on January 24. But recently, they suggested extending the contract for another six months. All the while still looking for a NetEase replacement. The Chinese company found the suggestion to be unreasonable. Not only will the company have to suffer from this decision, but also the players. Also, Blizzard seemed to condemn NetEase for their failing partnership on their official Weibo. NetEase claimed that some of the posts seemingly pointed fingers at them and evoked unwanted attention. Thus, they decided to take drastic measures to protest against their former partner.

Those who took part in the vandalism even got rewards for their actions. NetEase gifted them a brand-new drink named “Blizzard Green Tea.”

Naming a new drink after the company whose properties they had just destroyed is strange. But it actually has a deeper meaning. In China, “green tea” is often used to describe someone who pretends to be innocent and moral but is actually manipulative and deceitful.

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