Microsoft Plans to Acquire Bungie and Sega

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Microsoft Plans to Acquire Bungie and Sega

According to The Verge, Microsoft has Bungie and Sega as their acquisition targets.

Internal emails uncovered during the FTC v. Microsoft hearing have provided insight into the tech giant’s plans. The reason behind this interest is quite straightforward. They want to enhance the already popular Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Furthermore, they aim to strengthen Microsoft’s presence in the gaming industry. 

The first target on Microsoft’s radar is Sega. The company recognizes Sega’s impressive collection of titles with broad appeal worldwide. Thus, this may serve as a valuable resource to greatly boost the growth of Xbox Game Pass across various platforms. Microsoft believes that Sega’s cherished intellectual properties (IPs) have to power to captivate new audiences worldwide. Especially in Asia, where localized content holds great importance. 

Microsoft Plans to Acquire Bungie and Sega
Phil Spencer’s email to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and CFO Amy Hood 
(Source: The Verge)

Another key player in the acquisition discussions is Bungie. The studio is responsible for the highly successful Destiny franchise. Although Bungie is presently under Sony’s ownership, its valuable IP entices Microsoft. Moreover, Microsoft is impressed by its game development and live operations integration expertise. If the giant was to acquire Bungie, it would significantly enhance Xbox Game Studios. Additionally, it would bring a wealth of exciting new titles to enrich their Game Pass library. 

Alongside Bungie and Sega, Microsoft has identified other potential acquisition targets. Some of the names are IO Interactive, Supergiant Games, Playrix, Thunderful, Zynga, and Niantic. They are all being closely monitored for their strategic value and alignment with the company’s future goals.

The gaming industry is eagerly waiting for more updates. They are all curious to see what decision Microsoft will ultimately make. And how these strategic moves will influence the future of Xbox Game Pass.

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