NASL Match Schedule Revealed

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NASL Match Schedule Revealed

Eagerly anticipated and power-packed with unparalleled excitement, the North American Star League (NASL) has finally lifted the curtains on its schedule. With a marked resurgence of strategic battles and a renewed focus on intricate gameplay, this news has sent electrifying shockwaves through the eSports community.

Are You Ready?

NASL aims to elevate the digital arena of eSports to staggering new heights. It has proven to be more than just a collection of matches and tournaments, but a celebration of skills, strategies, and the unyielding spirit of competition. An amalgamation of prodigious talents and digital athletes who push the envelope, seeking victory in every pixel and every frame.

As we delve into this, you can look forward to an exclusive preview of the season ahead, highlighting key match-ups, tournament logistics, player profiles, and much more. Let’s dive headfirst into what promises to be a spectacular array of digital duels and unforgettable moments. Welcome to the arena of giants – the NASL. Strap in for the ultimate showdown of eSports grandeur!

NASL Schedule

5/28/20116:00 PM (PST)
Match 1Catz vs MC
Match 2Select vs Machine
Match 3Ace vs Hasuobs
Match 4Goody vs Stalife
Match 5Brat_Ok vs Ret
5/29/20116:00 PM (PST)
Match 1Drewbie vs Sen
Match 2Idra vs Tyler
Match 3Zenio vs Socke
Match 4Painuser vs Mana
Match 5Cloud vs Boxer
5/31/20116:00 PM (PST)
Match 1Fenix vs TLO
Match 2Sheth vs Vibe
Match 3Grubby vs Morrow
Match 4Artosis vs Rainbow
Match 5Kiwikaki vs Moon
6/1/20116:00 PM (PST)
Match 1TT1 vs Ensnare
Match 2Moman vs White-Ra
Match 3Darkforce vs Sjow
Match 4qxc vs Cruncher
Match 5Incontrol vs July
6/2/20116:00 PM (PST)
Match 1Axslav vs Slush
Match 2Moonglade vs Naniwa
Match 3Haypro vs Dde
Match 4Kawaiirice vs Strelok
Match 5Squirtle vs Nada
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