Indie Prize USA 2017: New Showcase, New Hidden Gems

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Indie Prizes USA 2017

There’s a reason why indie games are making their mark in the gaming world. That reason resides in their unique stories, distinctive gameplay, and their ability to offer experiences that the AAA titles can’t quite capture. In this feature, we spotlight five projects from the Indie Prize that are proving to be the trailblazers of the indie gaming industry: 

Each of these titles has a unique charm, earning accolades and pushing the boundaries of gaming in their own distinctive ways. The Indie Prize has consistently supported their promotion, this time involving Reliance Games, Humble Bundle, Amazon, Unreal Engine, and IBM. Let’s dive deep into what makes these games stand out and their accomplishments in the gaming industry.

Treadnauts: Reinventing Tank Warfare

If there’s a game that deserves attention for its ingenious blend of arcade action and strategic depth, it’s Topstitch Games’ Treadnauts. This 2D competitive multiplayer title allows players to take control of tanks with a unique twist — they can soar through the sky. Renowned for its exceptional acrobatics and fluid physics, Treadnauts gives “tank warfare” a whole new meaning.

In Treadnauts, mastery comes not from shooting but from maneuvering. Its nuanced flight mechanics require a delicate touch and can turn a player into a gravity-defying acrobat. This feature has made the project a standout in the indie scene, receiving multiple award nominations, and was even featured in the Indie Prize showcase as the “Best Multiplayer Game.”

Beholder: A Glimpse into the Dystopian Darkness

Developed by Warm Lamp Games, Beholder brings a bleak and dystopian reality to life. As the landlord of an apartment building, you’re tasked with spying on your tenants for a totalitarian government, making this project a tense balancing act between humanity and duty.

Beholder’s distinctive mechanic of moral decision-making sets it apart from many other titles in the genre. The narrative will unfold differently depending on the player’s choices, making each playthrough unique. This innovative approach to storytelling has earned Beholder a solid following and numerous accolades, including participation in the Indie Prize and winning the award for the “Best Narrative.”

Untildead: A Puzzle-Solving Fight for Survival

Untildead – Solve and Survive, developed by Monomyto Game Studio, delivers a unique twist on the well-trodden path of zombie survival titles. It adds a layer of tactical strategy and puzzle-solving to the adrenaline-pumping action.

The game’s signature feature lies in its unique mix of genres. Instead of focusing on combat, players must strategize and use the environment to their advantage to survive against the undead hordes. Its distinctive take on the genre has earned Untildead critical acclaim, including a nomination for “Best Mobile Game” at the Indie Prize.

Phantom Brigade: A Tactical Symphony of Mechs

In the world of indie tactical titles, Brace Yourself Games’ Phantom Brigade shines brightly. It’s a hybrid of turn-based strategy and real-time action where players lead a squad of customizable mechs in a desperate guerilla war.

Phantom Brigade’s standout feature is its predictive combat system, which allows players to foresee enemy movements and plan their attacks accordingly. This unprecedented level of strategic depth has catapulted Phantom Brigade into the spotlight, gaining it a significant fanbase and earning it a well-deserved spot in the Indie Prize.

World War Doh: The Mobile RTS Revolution

From the stables of Jam City comes World War Doh, a real-time strategy (RTS) that’s shaking up the mobile gaming landscape. Here, players go head-to-head, deploying units and using their commander in strategic battles to claim victory.

World War Doh’s charm lies in its deep yet accessible gameplay and its quirky humor. This project gives a fresh spin on the RTS genre, featuring fast-paced action and a unique ‘Commander’ mechanic that adds an extra layer of strategy. This innovation led World War Doh to become one of the finalists at the Indie Prize in the Best Mobile Game category and the “Audience’s Choice” category winner.

Concluding the Indie Exploration

Each of these five titles — Treadnauts, Beholder, Untildead, Phantom Brigade, and World War Doh — prove that the indie scene isn’t just alive and well, but it’s thriving. Their unique mechanics and engaging narratives have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in video games. They offer players novel experiences, have garnered critical acclaim, and have participated in the prestigious Indie Prize. These projects are but a glimpse of the creative innovation that the indie scene is capable of and a testament to the future of gaming. The world eagerly awaits the next big idea from these inventive minds.

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